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Caring for Your Light Up Shoes Nowadays, light up shoes have become quite popular among people, in fact it has become a fashion trend even for adults. In order to get the most out of your light up shoes, you need to take good care of them and here are some of the important things you need to take note of: What to Do Charge Your Shoes In order to have the best experience with these LED shoes, one should make sure that the shoes are fully charged before you head out of the house. Make sure that you have the shoes turned off when charging, keep it on charge for three hours and you should get about 6 to 9 hours of use from it.
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Know Where to Wear Them Even though the shoes are great, they are not meant to be worn everywhere. Since they do light up, you would want to wear them in places that will really catch people’s attention like parties, concerts and clubs. If you want to go through airport security smoothly, then you should avoid wearing these shoes while travelling.
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Have the Right Fit You obviously want to feel comfortable while you are out partying with these shoes on and the best way to do that is by making sure that you are wearing the right size. When you are trying out shoes in the store, make sure to try walking around a bit and see if it is comfortable on your feet. According to experts you are better off going a size up when you find yourself in between shoe sizes. Things to Avoid Do not Get Them Too Wet The shoes are battery powered to light up, hence there are wiring systems that can be easily damaged when exposed to too much water. It is best to avoid water contact on the shoes so that you are sure that they will last a long time. To keep safe, it is best not to wear these shoes when the forecast predicts heavy rain. Do not Leave Them in a Hot Car You should avoid exposing the shoes to extreme temperatures as well since it can damage the batteries and run the risk of exploding. So if it is very hot and humid where you live, make sure that you do not leave the shoes inside the car for too long. Do not Wash them in the Washing Machine Not only will the washing machine damage the exterior design of your light up shoes, it can definitely ruin the wiring inside it as well. Instead of putting the shoes inside the washing machine, you should wash it by hand using warm water, gentle soap and a damp washcloth. Make sure to follow these steps and you will surely enjoy your light up shoes even longer.

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